In the middle of the countryside, the sierra mágina stands as an isolated massif, refuge of a valuable Mediterranean flora that includes species of very restricted distribution of the south of the Iberian peninsula and others that only grow here.

It is the highest massif in the province with 2,167 m altitude (mágina), the third in Andalusia after Sierra Nevada and the Sagra. We recommend the book “mágina and natural park” by jorge gonzalez cano, juan a. Lopez cordero and agustín madero montero, with photographs by juan josé pascual, edited by everest s.a. And association for the development of sierra mágina.

Its surface (20,000 ha) and its great natural wealth, give it an exceptional singularity within the set of protected Andalusian spaces. Because of its location in the south center of the province of jaén, to the limit with the province of granada, these lands, from very early times, lived a fluid traffic of towns, having been natural passage in the communications between the interior and the coast .

The close presence of the Guadalquivir valley and the existence of numerous river basins were decisive elements for its occupation, being numerous the archaeological remains and the traces of the past in these lands.

Landscaping diversity allows to move in a few kilometers from the high mountain to humid areas or countryside. And why not? To the arid zone of the sub-desert landscape of the east of the region, which offers a surprising panorama and the possibility of observing raptors such as the short-toed eagle or the caribou eagle, and where the spartans, along with different varieties of scrubs, Cinegetic interest.


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