The goddesses of fertility and the Christian virgins have succeeded to point out sources and springs, along with those who have been born and have developed the peoples of Sierra Magna. Today water remains one of our greatest wealth.

Sanctuaries and recreational areas of cánava (jimena), pictures (bedmar), of the fuensanta (huelma). Sources of birth in morélel bélmez, holy christ goat and arbuniel. Those of navaparis (next to imuna huts), pork, among black centenarian alamos at two km. Of imuna huts, the one of anita, way of the port of the forest. Recreational areas of Huar (albanchez de mágina), la fuenmayor (towers), or navalcán (noalejo).

Set of ethnological and cultural interest of the fountain of the grate and sanctuary of the virgin of grace, the pond and the garden in Arab terraces of pegalajar.

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